September 21-25
Clayton, GA

Join Nerd Fitness Rebels from around the world for 5 fun-filled days of learning and adventure!

Camp Nerd Fitness is an epic, 5-day event for adults that combines adventure, fitness, education, and a picturesque mountain backdrop with hundreds of like-minded members of the Nerd Fitness community.

You’ll spend the afternoon of September 21st through the morning of September 25th, 2016 in the mountains of north Georgia. Over these 5 days, you’ll learn new skills in dozens of unique classes, participate in fun, inclusive, and empowering activities, and level up your circle of allies with the endlessly-supportive Nerd Fitness community.

You’ll learn from a team of hand-selected Headmasters, specializing in a wide variety of disciplines who will guide you through classes, games, and interactive instruction. From sword fighting to healthy meal preparation, swing dancing to powerlifting – the topics covered are as extraordinary as the campers who travel from around the world to attend.

You’ll share all meals with your fellow campers, sleep in group bunks or private rooms (based on your preference and budget), play group sports and board games, compete in friendly competitions, and socialize in a variety of ways in the evening. You get to design your own unique experience. While it’s a busy and packed week, you’ll leave Camp fired up and ready to apply what you’ve learned back in the real world. Consider this a vacation and an investment in a leveled up version of yourself.

If you want to learn more about fitness while meeting a bunch of fellow nerds who will immediately embrace you no matter your background, COME TO CAMP!

Our elite team of Headmasters can't wait to help you on your quest to level up all aspects of your life!

Steve, Staci, and the entire Nerd Fitness team will be at Camp alongside this incredible group of Headmasters. Click on each Headmaster to learn more!

I was surprised by how accessible the instructors and staff were; I really felt that they were in my corner, and that they wanted me to level up and have a great time!
EVERY instructor who I was able to catch had the same "vibe." Loved the positivity, the patience and laid back attitudes, along with showing variations/challenges for those who needed it!

What to Expect

Camp Nerd Fitness takes place at Ramah Darom, a 122-acre campground in Clayton, Georgia - about 2.5 hours north of Atlanta. When you aren’t leveling up at one of the many classes offered each day, you’ll have the chance to take advantage of tons of other activities the property has to offer: hike to the waterfall, boat or blob in the lake, conquer your fear of heights on the climbing wall or ropes course, play a game of pickup basketball or kickball, or throw a frisbee with friends on the expansive main lawn (which we affectionately call Hyrule Field).

There is no shortage of fun things to do or beautiful places to explore! Click here to see our schedule from last year’s event.

Nonstop Action

With a jam-packed class schedule, group sports, theme nights and parties, 24-hour gaming (board and video), event competitions, and catching up with friends old and new, your days will be full of lightbulb moments and meaningful connections.

Need a minute to recharge? We have you covered there too! Whether you’d like to connect with friends with conversation on the porch of NF HQ, find a quiet spot to meditate or read a book by the lake, or level up your arts and crafts game with some hardcore adult coloring, there are plenty of ways to find quiet in the chaos.

Here is just a sampling of the extra activities you can look forward to at Camp:

A Comfortable Place to Rest Your Head

Camp Ramah Darom offers several different rooming options, but a few things are certain: You’ll have a bed to sleep in, a sturdy roof overhead, accessible power outlets, and modern bathroom facilities. You'll enjoy the comforts of modern life while living in the mountains!

If you choose to stay in a group bunkhouse you’ll share a space with 5-8 other campers, but you’ll have a top and bottom bunk all to yourself, along with storage space to stash your loot. After you reserve your ticket, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us if you’d prefer a same-gender or co-ed cabin, though all group bathrooms are divided by gender. All linens, including towels, sheets, and blankets, are provided for all campers!

Each group bunk room has one or two semi-private sleeping spaces. These spaces are good for campers who’d like a little more privacy (a door they can close and their own light switch). Semi-private rooms have twin beds and storage space, and share group bathroom facilities and common spaces with their adjoining group bunk.

For campers who’d prefer even more personal space and quiet, a small number of hotel rooms are also available. These rooms provide exactly what you’d expect: a bathroom and sleeping space private to you and your roommate, if applicable. These are the only accommodations on site with a door that locks, and are perfect for campers who’d like an ultimate/fully private retreat after a long day of leveling up.

[Camp was] three amazing days of sweat, tears and self-improvement thanks to all our fellow campers, Headmasters and the team of Wizards. I was expecting a good time, but ended up having the best time in years.
Camp taught me that I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for.
It's incredible what spending a week focusing on being healthy (physically, mentally, and emotionally) can do to revitalize your passion for life, and recharging your tenacity for living life the way YOU want to live it.

Delicious, Hearty Meals

We work closely with the Camp Chef to offer plenty of delicious, hearty meal and snack options to keep you energized and properly nourished. You’ll see plenty of recipes from both Rebel Chef Noel and Nom Nom Paleo, and dietary restrictions or allergies can be accommodated (just let us know!). Ramah Darom is a Kosher facility, and our meals strike a Paleo-ish balance; you can be sure you'll be fueling your body with real, nutritious food! Here is a sample menu from last year’s event:

Magic exists; here is where you find it.

Rebels Who Have Your Back

It’s clearly no secret that we’re crazy about the Rebels in our community; we think you’d be hard pressed to find a more accepting, supportive, loving group of people anywhere in the world! One of our campers from 2015, Margaret, said it best, “They talk about a home court advantage...and that’s what it feels like. It feels like everyone is there for you because you’re home.”

If you’ll be joining us for Camp this year, or if you just want to say hello to everyone before you reserve your bunk, come on over to our Facebook Group set up exclusively for our Rebel Campers!

Whether you’re coming to Camp with established goals and routines, want to jump start new, healthy habits, or just meet other members of the Rebellion, we’ve got you covered. But you don’t have to take our word for it; here’s what some past campers have to say:

I was most surprised by how comfortable I felt at Camp - after the initial shock of being there, it felt like home, and people whose faces I had never seen before felt like friends.
I felt as though I found my tribe. I felt normal, accepted just the way I am, powerful, awesome and deserving of great things.
I found light in my life again. The feeling of having so many positive people around everywhere you look is overwhelming. I was in a dark place before I came to Camp, now I feel like I can take anything life throws at me.

Camp Nerd Fitness is SOLD OUT!

Even though Camp is SOLD OUT, we anticipate having a few cancellations that'll open up new spots. Click below for more info and to sign up for the waiting list!

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Wednesday, September 21 through Sunday, September 25. You’ll arrive the afternoon of the 21st and depart the morning of the 25th.
Camp is about 2.5 hours north of Atlanta, in a town named Clayton. The specific address is 70 Darom Lane, Clayton, GA 30525.

Simple! You can either drive straight to Camp or fly into Atlanta and take one of our pre-arranged shuttles or rent a car.

If you are driving, we will provide clear driving directions prior to Camp (electronic directions are not always reliable). To get a general idea of your drive time though, you can use 70 Darom Lane, Clayton, GA 30525 in Google Maps or other GPS programs.

If you are flying in, we recommend securing a flight that lands prior to about 2pm on the 21st and departs after 2pm on the 25th. Shuttle transportation to and from the airport will be available for an additional fee; we’ll aim to set up shuttle transportation between noon and 4pm on the 21st and between 8am and noon on the 25th. Tickets for the shuttles will be available to purchase later this year; for now you can rest assured that transportation will be a snap once you arrive in Atlanta!

Alternatively, you can fly into Atlanta and rent a car to drive yourself if you’re looking for some additional flexibility. Again, if you are driving, we will provide clear driving directions later this year.

Your ticket to Camp includes lodging and linens (sheets, towels, etc) for four nights, all meals (dinner Wednesday through breakfast Sunday), all scheduled instruction by our elite team of Headmasters, and 5 days of fun and adventure with the best community of nerds around.

Other expenses you’ll need to consider: travel to and from Camp, alcohol (available for purchase during evening activities), merchandise (Camp t-shirts, etc), registration for premium activities (Ropes Course and Climbing Wall; details to be released at a later date).

When you’re ready to scratch your name into a bunk, click here!
Yes! You can choose to pay in full or start a payment plan at the time of booking, either of which secures your bunk. If you elect to begin a payment plan, three equal payments will be drafted from your card on file: one at the time of reservation, the second one month later, and the final payment 1 month after that.

We hope you don’t need to cancel your spot, but if a situation arises where you don’t have a choice, our cancellation policy is:

  • Cancellations prior to April 30 - 100% refund
  • May 1 through July 31 - 50% refund
  • After July 31 - NO REFUNDS

Because of our strict cancellation policy, we highly recommend travel insurance. Often travel insurance is offered by credit card providers (please check with your provider for more info), or you can purchase a separate policy after you secure your ticket. This can not only cover your Camp purchase, but also airfare and other expenses. Our friend Nomadic Matt likes World Nomads, but a quick Google search should set you off in the right direction.

Of course! If you want private accommodations, a Hotel Double is your best option; a Semi-Private Double also gives you private sleeping quarters, but you’ll share bathroom facilities with 5-10 other Campers. After you book your tickets (you each need to secure a spot!), we’ll gather additional information where you’ll be able to tell us your roommate preferences.
Definitely! After you purchase your ticket, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your Camp preferences. Based on these preferences, we’ll do our best to match you up with a roommate we think you’ll get along with swimmingly!
We suggest booking your second choice and noting in your profile comments that you’d like to switch to a different room if something opens up. We can’t guarantee this will happen, but we will alert you if it does!
Camp Nerd Fitness is for campers 18 to 110+ years young. Campers ages 16 and 17 may also attend, but must book AND stay in private hotel lodging with a relative over the age of 18 or parent accompanying them. Campers under 16 aren’t permitted on site. Elves, ents, and humans over 110 years old will be admitted free of charge.

Camp is held at a strictly Kosher facility, so you won’t see any pork or shellfish - or meat and dairy (together) served in the meal. We also try to serve a Paleo-ish style menu all weekend. In a nutshell, you’ll enjoy tons of meat and veggies along with a healthy dose of rice, sweet potatoes, nuts, and fruit.

Three complete meals will be served each day along with an afternoon snack. We’re working with the Camp to offer additional grab-and-go meal options at alternative meal times since our class schedule doesn’t always allow time to sit still during the designated meal times.

Nearly all restrictions and allergies can be accommodated. For starters, we will have vegetarian and gluten-free options at every meal. Additionally, after you book your ticket, we’ll ask you to fill out a profile to include any allergies or restrictions we should be aware of, and we’ll be in touch with you again before Camp to go over any special details to make mealtimes a breeze. If you’re concerned about anything before you book, just shoot us an email at, and we’ll be happy to talk through any questions you have!
Beer, wine, and cider will be served each night for an additional fee. Of course, you must be over 21 to purchase or consume alcohol. Because of the strict Kosher guidelines we must adhere to, outside alcohol will not be permitted on site.
Our goal is to release a close-to-final schedule one month before Camp.
Give us a shout at and we’d be happy to help with whatever questions you have!
We’re glad you asked! Here are a couple more quotes that we pulled straight from our post-event survey:
The amount of knowledge that each Headmaster had was incredible. I felt like I was gaining information at every turn
Camp NF is the best possible type of community you could ever look for, with everyone just looking to have fun, improve and help each other out, all while being nerds that want to stay fit!
It wasn't only about fitness but about leveling your mind as well. Being new to the Nerd Fitness community, I really loved how everyone was so loving and supportive.