Safety first

Camp NF COVID-19 Protocols

Health and safety for all campers and staff is our top, non-negotiable priority, especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

We’ll utilize the beautiful outdoor space as much as possible and have medical staff on hand throughout the event (for both physical and mental health), but we do have a few important COVID-19 related requirements for every single person on site:

  • All guests on site must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and be 2 weeks post-vaccination before the start date of the Camp. 
  • All guests must take a PCR nasal swab COVID-19 test with results dated no more than 72 hours in advance. Proof of negative test results and date of result must be submitted upon arrival to Camp.
  • All guests will be administered a rapid nasal swab COVID-19 test upon arrival to Camp. Tests will be done as participants drive into the campus and will stay in their car or shuttle for 15 minutes until the results are ready. These tests are done in the front of the nose and are non-invasive.
  • Currently, masks are not required at large but are welcome to be worn at any time. The only exception is in the buffet line while food is being served.

These policies will be enforced not only for campers, but also our Nerd Fitness staff, and the team of instructors we invite to teach, lead, and inspire. Our aim is to mitigate risk as much as possible while allowing everyone on site to enjoy their time connecting with one another.

The site where we’re holding Camp, Ramah Darom, has successfully led in-person events since summer 2020 without a COVID-19 outbreak. With event sizes to date ranging from 50-750 people, their diligence to the health of their guests is remarkable, and we are following their lead and best practices.

As the pandemic and the world’s response continues to evolve, we also reserve the right to update these protocols as more information is available.

We are committed to keeping communication open with booked campers on any updates, and will continue to trust the expertise of the CDC and our partners at Ramah Darom to make sure you are as safe as possible at Camp Nerd Fitness.

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COVID-19 is something we take very seriously in our Camp preparations, and we’ll continue to do our best to stay transparent to make sure everyone feels safe and informed.

We’ve answered a few questions below, and will keep this page updated as policies change or evolve.

Never hesitate to email us at if anything else is on your mind.

After purchasing your Camp ticket, we’ll ask for your vaccination details so we have them on file.

Additionally, and importantly, you MUST have proof of vaccination on hand when you check in at Camp on May 11 as well as proof of your negative PCR test (dated within 72 hours of arrival).

At this time, the CDC does not include boosters in their definition of “fully vaccinated.”

If this changes, we will update our policies accordingly.

Vaccination standards are based on the requirements of your home country. 

Completely understand that concern, and it’s hard to predict exactly what travel will look like in May of 2022. To review current requirements, please refer to this site.

Because of the uncertainty that comes with international travel, we strongly recommend securing travel insurance to protect your purchase.

With the vaccination and testing requirements outlined, masking and social distancing are not currently required at large, though Ramah Darom does request that masks are worn in the buffet line when serving meals.

Of course, if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask  at any time or taking some additional space, please do!

Following in Ramah Darom’s footsteps, we’ll adhere to their monitoring regulations:

  • A medical professional will be onsite for the entirety of the event for any medical concerns which may arise.
  • During the rapid test procedure on arrival, if any individual in the vehicle is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, everyone in the vehicle will be placed in quarantine in a designated location on Ramah Darom’s campus until the medical professional onsite determines the appropriate next steps.
  • If an individual has a normal temperature but has taken ibuprofen or acetaminophen within six hours of arrival, or naproxen within 12 hours, they may enter campus and remain in their assigned housing but will need their temperature re-taken and may not enter the dining hall until their medicine has worn off.
  • If a guest leaves the retreat because they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 we will request that they get tested with an administered PCR nasal swab test and inform Nerd Fitness of the results.
  • If Nerd Fitness is informed of an individual’s positive COVID-19 result, we will keep their identity anonymous but will notify all guests who were in attendance during Camp with applicable recommendations.

As always, these procedures are subject to change as more information is available.

If we find ourselves in a position where it’s necessary for us to cancel the entire event, we plan to reschedule Camp to dates within 1 year of the originally scheduled event.

If this happens, you’ll be able to apply any payments made to that future event OR opt for a refund.

Should this option seem likely as we near the event, we’ll be in touch via e-mail with even more details and next steps.

A qualifying PCR test is a molecular, lab-run test as opposed to an antigen test, which only identifies whether you have corona-style virus in your system or not, not whether you have active COVID-19 or not.

A Rapid PCR lab test is acceptable, that just means they give you the results back faster, but a rapid antigen is not a lab test. Nasopharyngeal or saliva style lab tests would both be fine.

In the US, every state offers free PCR tests. You can use this resource to look up available locations.  

If you happen to live in Georgia, our camp partners also recommend Viral Solutions as they provide free testing with very quick result times.