Sept 30 – Oct 4, 2015
Clayton, Georgia

Reserve Your Bunk!

Peter Li

“It was like being a kid again but without the restrictions.”

Alex Withers

“Sweat, fun, and new friends. Best weekend ever!”

Our Last Few Bunks Are Now Available!


When we launched the first Camp Nerd Fitness in the fall of 2014, we didn’t know how everything would come together.

We knew we wanted to create an environment where passionate members of the Nerd Fitness Rebellion could come together, connect, learn, and grow stronger (both physically and mentally). So we poured ourselves and our team into doing just that.

We dreamt of an amazing, supportive weekend – but we had no idea just how epic Camp could be. I think it is safe to say that both the campers and our team of Wizards left Georgia as different people. We’ve been powered-up with renewed energy, great friendships, and fun new skills.

(Be sure to watch the video recap above if you skipped it. It gives you a great idea of how campers felt sharing the weekend together learning and growing!)

For 2015, we’re excited to be bringing the same core community back together, with even more activities, sessions, awesome people, and amazing bonding experiences. We’re returning to the same location – and now have months to plan out another life-changing experience.

Oh and did I mention it’ll be a full extra day? Hell yeah.

From September 30th to October 4th next year we’ll be taking back over the mountains and woods of Georgia for Camp Nerd Fitness 2015!

We have 300 total spots available for campers – and as you can see from the counter – only a few of the tickets are still left to grab. We’ll be sold out well in advance!

Learn and build a wide variety of skills from fun, passionate instructors.


Bodyweight Strength

No Equipment Needed!

Example image of Bodyweight Strength

In our beginner and advanced bodyweight sessions, we'll instruct you through the proper movements and form to build strength using only the power of your body.


Yoga Sessions

Stretch, Relax, Breathe.

Example image of Yoga Sessions

Several times each day, we'll have a variety of Yoga sessions to help calm the mind and activate the body. All shapes, sizes, and levels welcome.


Nutrition & Cooking

What to eat and how to cook it!

Example image of Nutrition & Cooking

This is one area we will be EXPANDING in 2015. We're going to be focusing even more on nutrition, what to eat, and exactly how to cook and prepare it.


Grip Strength

Get a grip... seriously.

Example image of Grip Strength

Ever wanted to bend nails? Tear phone books in half? Maybe just have better grip strength for lifting, climbing, or martial arts? This is for you!


Medieval Combat

Ever wanted to learn sword fighting?

Example image of Medieval Combat

Last year, Dakao taught Game of Thrones inspired sword training - and this year we're committed to even more fun, nerdy combat and martial art skills.


Parkour & Slacklining

Try something new!

Example image of Parkour & Slacklining

Many of our most popular sessions were those that involved running, jumping, cartwheeling, and balancing your way into a new skill. We'll be doing even more in 2015!


Lifting Instruction

Learn proper form!

Example image of Lifting Instruction

Stay safe, improve your lifts, and learn new skills with proper lifting instruction from our Wizards.


Inverted Training

Hang out upside-down!

Example image of Inverted Training

Ever wanted to learn how to hold a head or handstand? What about walk on your hands or complete inverted pushups? This group is for you.

During our time together, we’ll empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to level up your life: from fitness fundamentals like habit building and strength training, to life skills like body image and cooking, you’ll leave Camp with the super powers to take on any challenge.

We’ll have hands-on workshops about things like running, boot camp, and parkour, a variety of classes like yoga and dancing, as well as more in depth conversations on topics like nutrition and confidence building.

The majority of our speakers from 2014 will be coming back for a second year – and we’ll also invite additional experts for more diversity, depth, and well-rounded experience.

Chow down on healthy meals and snacks with your new friends!



In between all the learning and playing, we’ll take breaks to enjoy healthy meals together as a group.
All of your meals will be prepared for you (finally, a week away from cooking!), and shared in the large open dining area around tables full of campers and team Wizards.

This year you’ll enjoy 11 meals (Wednesday dinner through Sunday breakfast), and we’ll be working with the campground the rest of the year on a more customized meal plan just for our community. We’ll bring back some of last year’s meals, and help the kitchen prepare even more options (for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike).

While the food is tasty, past campers pointed out that an even more valuable part of meal time was connecting deeper with campers you’ve met throughout the days prior.

Meal time is a chance to rest, fuel up your body, and bond with other passionate, supportive people. We’re excited to share more meals with you this coming year!

Run, jump, laugh, and play your heart out. The most fun you'll have all year!



Are you ready to heat up the court?

Example image of Basketball

We have two different courts (one covered) for some great co-ed basketball that'll go down several times throughout camp. We'll do our best to create the 1992 Dream Team!


Video/Board Games

Dozens of video and board games!

Example image of Video/Board Games

Whether it's Mario Kart 64, a wild game of Cards Against Humanity, or a late night Settlers of Catan challenge, you'll have a blast in the Open Play room.



Sing your heart out!

Example image of Karaoke

Whoa, we're half way there.... Whoaaaaaaaa-OH, livin' on a prayer. Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear.
Whoaaaaaa-OH, livin' on a prayer.


Lake Activities

Get wet!

Example image of Lake Activities

The campground has a beautiful lake that we will be taking even more advantage of in 2015! Fun times if you're looking to kayak, canoe or enjoy the lake.


Themed Parties

Each night will have a different party theme!

Example image of Themed Parties

After long days of working hard and learning new skills, we'll be ready to relax and wind down with some fun themed parties. Start planning out your costume!


Ultimate Frisbee

It's time for some Ultimate!

Example image of Ultimate Frisbee

Always wanted to learn how to play Ultimate Frisbee? We'll be hosting pick-up Ultimate games (co-ed, any level of skill) all throughout the Camp!


Powerlifting Meet

Lift to the cheers of your friends!

Example image of Powerlifting Meet

Our Powerlifting competition is open to any experience level of lifters. Come record your best squat, bench press, and deadlift in a fun, group environment.


Nightly Bonfires

Catch up with new friends.

Example image of Nightly Bonfires

Sometimes, the best place to sit and catch up with new (or old) friends is around the campfire. Relax and take in the landscape of Northern Georgia.


Humans vs. Zombies

Don't get bit!

Example image of Humans vs. Zombies

The camp starts with one Alpha zombie, but soon more are infected throughout the weekend. Last year, the Humans survived... can they hold out this year too?

We all learned a ton in the sessions, but all work and no play makes… well, you get what we’re saying.

The point is – we had a BLAST with our sports, activities, games, and challenges. And just like with everything else, we have already started thinking about how to include even more fun in 2015.

Did you like the video games? We’ll be adding stations and more old school consoles. Did you enjoy the world’s largest Cards Against Humanity game? We’ll have every set and expansion to make it even bigger!

Basketball, Ultimate, and Kickball? That’s only the tip of the iceberg for some fun and sweaty team games we’ll have.

And the parties… who can forget the parties. We have an extra night to wind down in the evening with some awesome themes and night of dancing.

Lastly, our camp ground has a climbing wall, team ropes courses, kayaks, and a beautiful lake. We’re going to be taking advantage of all of it for activities and fun.

After theses 4 days, you’ll leave feeling like a completely different person…



Maybe it’s the mountains and woods of beautiful northern Georgia.

Maybe it’s the healthy food and fuel we eat all week.

Maybe it’s the chance to play like a kid again – reliving what summer camp was like.

Maybe it’s the instruction and new skills we learned.

Maybe it’s the heart and passion of the campers who came together from all over the world.

Whatever it was, the feedback we heard over and over again on camper surveys was… they felt like they were a different person after leaving camp. Almost every single person cited feeling more “powered up,” “recharged,” “open to try new things,” or “excited to keep going.”

And that’s our goal with coming back for another year. Let’s keep the hope of 2014 burning long into the new year – and start ramping up the excitement and energy for another round in September of 2015!


“The people were the best part of the weekend! I met tons of new friends that were going through the same challenges as me and could relate. I could also completely be myself and nerd out for the first time in a while.”

“I did ALL the sessions I hoped to, including Ropes Challenge, Slacklining, Tricking, Inversions, etc — the instructors made it so that we could all participate and improve in the short time we had together. I won’t be so afraid to try new things anymore, and that is HUGE.”



“The community feel and support I took away from camp was life changing for me. I don’t know how to put it into words. I’ve been given the gift of courage and drive to push myself concerning my fitness goals in a way that I really didn’t expect.”

“I never posted on the forums, so I was completely alone coming into the weekend. It was such a family, from the very beginning, and it really got me motivated to be a bigger part of the Nerd Fitness community.”



“It was like coming home.”

“The camp helped me make subtle but effective changes in my workout routines and encouraged me to make my fitness development a priority again.”



“It was an experience I will always look back on with giddy excitement and joy, full of awesome people and fun.”

“That was the best weekend I’ve had in a very long time, and I’m so, SO grateful to have gotten the chance to meet such extraordinary people and try so many new things!”



 “It was more amazing than I could of imagined and I’ve never been more happy about a spur of the moment decision in my life.”

“By far the most fun I’ve had all year; I’m already looking forward to the next one as much as I looked forward to Christmas as a kid, I’ll definitely be there.”


Clayton Georgia is easy to get to

Fly in to Atlanta, GA


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports. As we get closer to the event, we’ll have a forum where campers can coordinate rides or rent cars to carpool the drive over to Clayton, Georgia.

Fly in and take one of our nifty shuttles


Flying in, but don’t want to hassle with renting a car or coordinating a carpool? We’ll organizing a few affordable shuttle buses to take campers from Atlanta airport on Wednesday (and bring you back on Sunday morning).

Drive yourself!

Drive yo’ Sef!

There’s a plentiful parking area next to check-in (despite being way out in the middle of nowhere), so you are always welcome to drive and arrive on Wednesday under your own set of wheels.

No matter how you choose to get to here, we’re heading back to our secret location in Northern Georgia for the next chapter in what was a truly life-changing experience for everyone on the team here.

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we’ll be taking over the Kaplan Mitchell Retreat and Conference center about 15-20 minutes outside of Clayton, Georgia.

We’ll be starting check-in on Wednesday afternoon and kicking off opening ceremonies on Wednesday night (September 30th, 2015). We’ll share breakfast together on Sunday morning (October 4th, 2015) before heading out to our cars and shuttles to return home!


Below you’ll find the pricing and payment plan information for the last few bunks we have available. Our hotels are sold out, but we do have some semi-private bunks still left.

Remember, your bunk price include all your meals, lodging, and all basic activities and sessions – including everything in the extra day this year.

We do expect these last few spots to go quickly, so don’t delay too long if you are serious about joining the Nerd Fitness team and 300 of the most passionate community members on planet earth!