Rebels, Assemble!

The Nerd Fitness Superhero Training Camp reopened May 11-15, 2022 in Clayton, Georgia for 5 transformative days of leveling up super skills alongside the greatest mentors and sidekicks in the galaxy!

Team NF’s Coaching squad and other hand-selected instructors are your guides for this journey – making you feel empowered by how your body moves, building your confidence with what and how you eat, and helping you overcome mindset challenges that always felt insurmountable. 


You’ll push beyond the limits of what you think you’re capable of. You’ll use your 20 seconds of courage to try something new (and you’ll actually like it!). You’ll surprise yourself when you see what you can achieve with hundreds of other Rebels by your side, rooting you on.

Camp Magic is all the super serum you need to unlock your own superhero potential! 
Camp Nerd Fitness is EPIC
Learn from the best

Your Instructors

Professor X. Captain Marvel. Black Panther. Nick Fury. Queen Hypolita.

They all have a couple things in common.

First: they’re all respected leaders and mentors who helped unlock the world-changing potential of those around them. (No big deal.)

Second: they’ve all agreed to teach at Camp Nerd Fitness!

I wish.

Your heroic teachers may not come from the pages of comic books (or wear skin-tight super suits), but after learning alongside them for a few days, their impact on you will be just as profound!

Rebel Leader Steve and other members of Team Nerd Fitness will teach a variety of classes across fitness, nutrition, mindset, and more. NF Coaches also can’t WAIT to connect with their current (and future!) clients face-to-face for the first time!

We’ve also invited other specialists to share their super skills! These incredible Instructors will help you dive deeper into topics you’re passionate about or will be there to welcome you as you try something new.

Specific classes will be announced prior to Camp, but you can expect to learn from these Heroes (with even more to be announced later!):

Heroic Habit Change
Heroic Habit Change
Intuitive Eating | Mental Health
Swords | Martial Arts
Juggling | Overcoming Failure
Style | Self Confidence
Body Liberation & Confidence
Yoga | Creative Expression
Mental Health Support
more activities to

Level Up

Sure, you’ll learn a lot about health and fitness from your incredible team of instructors, but Camp is also about FUN!

Here is just a taste of some of the additional activities you’ll be able to look forward to at Camp Nerd Fitness in 2022:

Admit One

Ticket Options and Pricing

Ticket pricing for Camp Nerd Fitness is based on the rooming accommodations you choose, but ALL ticket types include your event basics:

A Place to Recharge

A group cabin or hotel room for 5 days and 4 nights, including all linens - just bring your teddy bear!

Fuel for the Fun!

3 nourishing meals and 2 snacks per day (Second Breakfast!) to suit all dietary needs.

Learn and Grow

Classes, activities, and heroic training to help you level up your skills and knowledge!

Amazing Community

Unlimited new friendships and deepened connections with your fellow campers (d'awww!)

There are three different rooming options: Group Bunk, Semi-Private Room, and Private Hotel Rooms.

Basic info and pay-in-full pricing for each type is outlined below, but visit the Rooming Info page to learn more about each option, including photos!

Group Bunk

Get the TRUE Camp experience alongside your fellow campers!
$ 1,049 Starting Price*
  • Choose Top, Bottom, or Full Bunk
  • Embrace the spirit of community!
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • Top Bunk - $1,049 per person
  • Bottom Bunk - $1,069 per person
  • Full Bunk - $1,264 per person

Semi-Private Room

The fun of the bunks - with a quiet room to decompress!
$ 1,484 Starting Price*
  • Available as Singles or Doubles
  • Room with a door for privacy
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • Choose your roommate or we'll match!
  • Double Room - $1,484 per person
  • Single Room - $2,068 per person

Hotel Room

A private retreat to rest and recharge!
$ 2,254 Starting Price*
  • Available as Singles or Doubles
  • Full or Queen sized beds
  • Completely private space
  • Private bathroom in your room
  • Double Room - $2,254 per person
  • Single Room - $3,129 per person
How else can we help?


What else is on your mind, camper?

We’ve answered several common questions below, but don’t hesitate to email us at if anything else is on your mind.

Quite frankly, Camp Nerd Fitness is the most special, life-changing weekend we’ve ever been part of!

For 5 days, the real world melts away, and you’re surrounded by hundreds of people just like you, learning from world-class superhero instructors across a variety of topics.

Sure, we’ll talk all about fitness and nutrition!

But we’ll also dive into creative expression, overcoming mindset hurdles, building confidence, and so much more – all while having more fun than Spider-Man in the multiverse.

By day, you’ll join scheduled classes and workshops, splash in the lake or pool, or soak in all the nature that the north Georgia mountains have to offer.

At night, we’ll have video and board games, theme nights, movies, campfires, dance parties, and more!

Each day will be yours to design. Fill it with things that fire you up, bring you joy, and satisfy that feeling of connection.

And that’s juuuust scratching the surface. Check out the video from our event in 2016 for a taste of what’s in store for us in 2022.

May 11-15, 2022

Our campground, Ramah Darom, is about 2 hours north of Atlanta in Clayton, Georgia. The full address is 70 Darom Lane, Clayton, GA 30525

You can drive or fly!

The address of the campground is 70 Darom Ln, Clayton, GA 30525.

If driving, there’s ample parking available near all cabins and hotels.

If you opt to fly, the Atlanta airport (ATL) is the best option – approximately 2 hours from the campground. We recommend booking a flight that arrives before noon ET on May 11 and departs after noon ET on May 15 to allow for any delays in travel.

We’ll have shuttles available for an additional fee to drive you from the airport to the campground (on May 11) and back (on May 15).

More information on shuttle fees and booking process will be released later.

All campers must be 18 years or older by the time Camp begins.

Health and safety of all campers is our top priority, especially while we navigate life in a pandemic. Our camp partners at Ramah Darom have been running events without issue since summer 2020, and we will follow their guidance in determining our own best practices.

In addition to the 180+ acres of outdoor space we plan to utilize as much as possible, we have several vaccination and testing policies in place for everyone’s safety.

You can read full information on our COVID-19 Protocols page, but the highlights include:

  • All guests on site must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and be 2 weeks post-vaccination before the start date of the Camp. 
  • All guests must take a PCR nasal swab COVID-19 test with results dated no more than 72 hours in advance. Proof of negative test results and date of result must be submitted upon arrival to Camp.
  • All guests will be administered a rapid nasal swab COVID-19 test upon arrival to Camp. Tests will be done as participants drive into the campus and will stay in their car or shuttle for 15 minutes until the results are ready. These tests are done in the front of the nose and are non-invasive.
  • Currently, masks are not required at large but are welcome to be worn at any time. The only exception is in the buffet line while food is being served.

We will communicate with booked campers as any processes evolve or change.

All tickets remaining after the pre-sale will be available to the public to purchase on February 14, 2022.

Sign up for the e-mail list below to be the first to know more details.

Introductory pricing starts at $949, and every ticket includes lodging for 5 days/4 nights, all of your meals, and access to nearly all classes and activities. Prices will increase on March 1.

Your ticket does not include travel, airfare, or recommend travel protection insurance; add-ons like airport shuttles, ropes course, and climbing wall will be available for purchase as we get closer to the event, and alcohol (beer/wine) will be available for purchase on site in the evenings.

All payments made towards Camp are non-refundable – including your original deposit if you participated in the pre-sale and applied your deposit to a full ticket.

We strongly recommend each camper purchase their own travel insurance policy to protect their adventure cost in the event that unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending Camp. Details about travel insurance, as well as recommendations, can be found here.

If you are a pre-sale member who decided NOT to apply your deposit to a full ticket to Camp, you can e-mail us at to receive a refund of your initial $199 deposit.

If you placed a deposit for the pre-sale but no longer wish to attend, send us an email at and we will issue you a refund for your $199 deposit.

Once you apply your pre-sale deposit to a full ticket, that $199 becomes non-refundable.

Travel insurance is coverage that you purchase to protect yourself against risks and financial losses that could happen while traveling or if you are unable to attend Camp Nerd Fitness.

As the event is non-refundable, we strongly recommend each camper purchase their own travel insurance policy to protect their adventure cost in the event that unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending Camp.

We’ve compiled some helpful information to conveniently purchase your own policy custom to your travel costs and details.

There are several room types available at Camp NF. Basic info is below, but visit the Rooming page for even more info.

  • Group Bunks – shared (or solo) bunk beds in a cabin with a dozen+ of your fellow campers. Bathrooms are also shared. When selecting this option, you’ll be able to choose whether you’d like to stay in a similar-gender bunk or co-ed.
  • Semi-Private Rooms – available as singles or doubles, think of these rooms as the Camp Counselor’s room in a cabin. You’ll be in a group cabin with a shared bathroom, but you’ll have a private room with a door.
  • Hotel Rooms – exactly as you may expect, hotel rooms are the most private option of all, with your own room and bathroom.

You will choose your ticket type and our team will assign each camper’s specific location closer to the event.

Once you’ve secured your ticket type, you will complete your Camper Profile info, where we’ll ask several questions about your rooming preferences (like cabin gender mix, requested roommates, etc).

Our team will use this information to make the assignments.

Once you’ve secured your ticket type, you will complete your Camper Profile info, where we’ll ask several questions about your rooming preferences (like cabin gender mix, requested roommates, etc).

Make sure you list each other as preferred bunkmates, and we’ll make it happen!

Absolutely, and you’re in good company! 

While we have activities and classes available all day, the way you design your day is completely up to you. Join a class, play games with fellow nerds, find a quiet spot to journal or enjoy the scenery, have lunch with a friend, or retreat to your room for a little while. You’re in charge.

We also have a clever hack at Camp: everyone will get a silicone wristband – black on one side, red on the other. If you flip the red side out, it signals to others that you need a little space and time to yourself! 

Ramah Darom is a Jewish summer camp facility, and as such maintains a Kosher kitchen.

Outside of the Kosher requirements, they can absolutely accommodate additional dietary restrictions. We’ll ask for these after you purchase your full ticket, and may follow up on site to make sure you’re satisfied with the options provided.

In general, all meals and snacks at Camp NF will focus on protein, veggies, and carbs, served buffet style so you can build a plate that suits your goals.

You may also bring along your own non-perishable snacks to keep with your belongings, just note that these must also be Kosher.

Yes! We’re currently finalizing a handful of additional instructors to share their super skills! 

Have a request? E-mail us at!

We are interested in collaborating with a handful of great companies who want to add to the camper experience! E-mail with inquiries.

We’ll keep everyone posted via e-mail with major event updates, but if you’re a past camper or have placed a deposit for CNF2022, you can also join our private Camp NF Facebook Group, where you can meet fellow campers and ask questions about the event. Members of Team NF check in here regularly.

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