Swords | Martial Arts

Dakao Do

Isekai’d from his gritty, low fantasy home dimension, Dakao Do (he/him) adapted to the cultures of late 20th century Earth via Bruce Springsteen, repetition, and mistakes. In 2001, he founded the laziest sword fighting school in Texas, which to this day remains the one thing he doesn’t regret.

An occasionally ignoble wagon master (at arms), he has 20+ years of wildly varying experience in 30+ physical disciplines and fighting systems including: parkour, longsword, rapier, dagger, Baguazhang, capoeira, Muay Thai, autocross, Argentine tango (yes, it’s just as relevant as kayaking). Dakao expresses his training heuristics in an artisanal blend of Occam’s razor and a punch to the face.

He uses the Socratic method to teach an initially unified foundation of body mechanics and physical activity, followed by specific lenses in individual arts or contrasting systems (e.g. German vs. Italian). Critical thinking, robust decision-making under stress, contrarian trolling, balanced judgment of capacities and limitations, and raw self-honesty are major themes Dakao works on for himself and with others.