What is Camp Nerd Fitness?

Kaplan Mitchell Main Building

Camp Nerd Fitness is a giant Nerd Fitness meetup at a beautiful retreat/summer camp.

We’ll be spending the afternoon of September 18th to the late morning of September 21st living and breathing the Nerd Fitness Rebellion.  We want to bring together the most passionate and excited members of Nerd Fitness for an epic weekend of awesome.

It will be an opportunity for Rebels to:

  • Spend a long weekend with your online Rebel Friends, whether in hotel-style rooms or in full-camp experience cabins (complete with bunks!).
  • Have hands on training with proper training form and technique.  If you’re not sure on your squat form or deadlift form or are new entirely, you’ll be able to get instruction here.
  • Participate in fun group activities like capture the flag, water balloon fights, yoga, a fun 5k run, ropes courses, climbing walls, zombies vs humans, hikes, and whatever else we can come up with!
  • Eat healthy meals (with all food included and prepared on site), while also having some fun and learning to balance the two.
  • Compete in competitions and tournaments - whether it’s a powerlifting competition, nerd trivia, a video game competition, or even theme nights.
  • And more!  Come on, there’s always more. A lot of this will be dependent upon the people who sign up and what other activities they’d like to see.  This is OUR event!

I truly believe in the power of this community, and I’ve seen some amazing things happen when I meet rebels in real life.  I can’t wait to see what can happen when we’re all in the same place at the same time.

We understand that we’ll have people of different levels of fitness joining us, so we’ll have activities and events for each of those levels.

Want to join us?  Tickets are now on sale!  Get yours here.