Camp Nerd Fitness 2014 Was Amazing!


Hey, it’s Steve from Nerd Fitness!

I want to tell you about Camp Nerd Fitness, one of the best adventures I have ever had. In September 2014, close to 200 men and women descended upon the mountains of Georgia for a long weekend of adventure, inspiration, education, support, and fun.

I’m not gonna lie: putting on this event was a lot of work for the team and I, and it was the first time we’ve ever done ANYTHING like this. I hoped that things would go well, that people would have fun, and they’d leave inspired and wired to change their lives.

It was better than anything I could have ever expected. Within 10 minutes of Campers showing up I knew we had something special, and by the end of our three days together I truly felt like I was part of one big family. A nerdy, fit, hilarious family :)

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During our time together, we learned Kung Fu, Parkour, Tricking, Yoga, Meditation, how to squat and deadlift properly, bodyweight exercises, how to cook easy meals, how to deal with depression, how to have a healthy relationship with food, how to bend nails, and do things like handstands and cartwheels.

When we weren’t learning new skills, we ate healthy meals, played video games, board games, went on hikes to waterfalls, sang karaoke, tossed around a frisbee, and more. At night, we dressed up in costumes and danced until our legs ached and smiled til our faces hurt.

Oh, and our Rubiks Cube theme night was honestly one of the best parties I have ever attended, and judging by the stories and photos, I know the other campers feel the same way.

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After the event, we asked campers on a anonymous survey to “Describe their Camp experience in one sentence…” Here are some of the responses we got:

  • Sweat, fun, and new friends.
  • Level one of Camp Nerd Fitness set the bar high for level two!
  • One of the best weekends of my life.
  • It was like coming home.
  • Life changing.
  • More please.
  • The camp helped me make subtle but effective changes in my workout routines and encouraged me to make my fitness development a priority again.
  • It was like being a kid again but without the restrictions.
  • It was an experience I will always look back on with giddy excitement and joy, full of awesome people and fun.
  • That was the best weekend I’ve had in a very long time, and I’m so, SO grateful to have gotten the chance to meet such extraordinary people and try so many new things!
  • CNF is an incredible gathering of likeminded nerds that supports you in leveling up your life.
  • By far the most fun I’ve had all year; I’m already looking forward to the next one as much as I looked forward to Christmas as a kid, I’ll definitely be there.
  • Camp Nerd Fitness ROCKED MY SOCKS!

We were blown away by the passionate, friendship, and energy of everyone that came out. And there is NO DOUBT in our minds we’re be DOING CAMP AGAIN IN 2015!

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We’re currently hammering out the details, but if you’re interested in being among the first to be able to sign up, put your information in at the bottom of this page and we’ll get you set up!

As soon as we nail down our location, our ticket details, and our activities… you’ll be the first one to know about it.

This was a special weekend, and I was so glad to be a small part of it. I really hope you join my team and I next year at Camp Nerd Fitness 2015.